Japan: Tokyo

I had some free time this past September, so I decided to make the most of it by taking a short trip to Asia. I went back home to the Philippines for a couple of days and spent the rest in Japan before going back to San Francisco. Since this was going to be my first solo international trip, I decided to stick to what I knew more — Tokyo. This was my third time in the city, so it was familiar enough and safe enough for my parents to let me go on this trip.

Being the clueless person I am, I never even bothered to check the weather in Tokyo before packing and flying out. Good thing my hostel had a ton of umbrellas for its visitors to borrow free of charge! The bad weather stopped me from doing everything that I had planned on doing this trip, but at least this gives me another reason to go back to Tokyo. It wasn’t all that bad though – some pictures turned out better with rain/puddles in them. 😅

I also took a day trip to Kamakura on the last full day I had in Japan, and I’ll be sharing photos from that trip in the next couple of days.


A rainy night in Omotesando.


Luke’s Lobster!



*insert dramatic lighting photo for emotions*


Tokyu Plaza is one of my favorite buildings in Tokyo. It’s so much fun playing with these mirrors! If you go up to the top floor, there’s a Starbucks with a pretty good view of the city.




The last thing I ate in Japan before heading to the airport early in the morning was a burger from Shake Shack.


A staple of Japanese cuisine!


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